Explore Lenzerheide

There is plenty to explore in Lenzerheide, as well as a free bus operating.


There are chargeable public parkings available in Lenzerheide as well as at your race hotel.

Bike Shops

If you need any help with bike service, pre-event there are several, Bike Shops in Lenzerheide.

Bike Wash

A self-service bike wash is available daily at Lenzerheide, Rothornbahn free of charge.

Saturday, 12. August

Sat, 12.08all dayBike Wash Self-ServiceLenzerheide, Rothornbahn
Sat, 12.0816:00Check In (if pre-booked 2 pre nights)Lenzerheide, Race Hotel
Sat, 12.08regular dinner timesDinner (if pre-booked 2 pre nights)Lenzerheide, Race Hotel

Sunday, 13. August

Sun 13.08regular breakfast timesBreakfast (if pre-booked 2 pre nights)Lenzerheide, Race Hotel
Sun, 13.08all dayBike Wash Self-ServiceLenzerheide, Rothornbahn
Sun, 13.0811:00Test RouteLenzerheide, Race Village
Sun, 13.0812:0018:00Tech ServiceLenzerheide, Race Village
Sun, 13.0813:00Park+Ride (if pre-booked)Davos, Jakobshorn Parking
Sun, 13.0815:0018:00Race OfficeLenzerheide, Race Village
Sun, 13.0815:0019:00Bike ParkLenzerheide, Race Village
Sun, 13.0816:00Check In (if pre-booked pre night)Lenzerheide, Race Hotel
Sun, 13.0817:30Park+Ride (if pre-booked)Davos, Jakobshorn Parking
Sun, 13.08regular dinner timesDinner (if pre-booked pre night)Lenzerheide, Race Hotel

If you have pre-booked the Park+Ride Package, you can park your car in Davos for the entire duration of the event. Included in the package is transport from Davos to Lenzerheide for yourself, one piece of luggage, and one bike/bike bag per person

  • Sun, 13.08 13.00
  • Sun, 13.08 17.30
  • Mon, 14.08 11.00
  • Mon 14.08 16.00

Parts of the official 2023 SPAR Swiss Epic route will be available for test rides on Sun, 13.08 from 11:00 and Mon, 14.08 until 15:30. These will be marked with official SPAR Swiss Epic route signage. The start and finish of the test route will be in the Race Village in Lenzerheide. You can ride the Test Route already on previous days, but without any route signage marking the course.

Please note that hikers and mountain bikers make use of the same paths without limitations. Both parties need to be tolerant and careful in order for this to work. It is important that mountain bikers brake to walking pace when overtaking and stop at crossroads and narrow paths, in order to allow space for hikers. Riding these trails is outside of race operation hours and is therefore without medical assistance and route safety. For any emergencies before the official start of the event, you can call 144.