Mon, 14 Aug
12:00 – 18:00
Lenzerheide, Kultursaal

Mon, 14.08all dayBike Wash Self-ServiceLenzerheide, Rothornbahn
Mon, 14.08regular breakfast timesBreakfast (only if pre-booked pre night)Lenzerheide, Race Hotel
Mon, 14.0808:0019:00Bike ParkLenzerheide, Race Village
Mon, 14.0808:3019:00Tech ServiceLenzerheide, Race Village
Mon, 14.0815:30Test RouteLenzerheide, Race Village
Mon, 14.0811:00Park+Ride (only if pre-booked)Davos, Jakobshorn Parking
Mon, 14.0811:4519:15Shuttle (every 30min)Lenzerheide, Race Hotel - Kultursaal - Race Village
Mon, 14.0812:0018:00Registration (please adhere to your pre-selected registration time)Lenzerheide, Kultursaal
Mon, 14.0812:0018:00MerchandiseLenzerheide, Kultursaal
Mon, 14.0812:0019:00Race OfficeLenzerheide, Race Village
Mon, 14.0816:00Check-InLenzerheide, Race Hotel
Mon, 14.0816:00Park+Ride (only if pre-booked)Davos, Jakobshorn Parking
Mon, 14.0816:0019:00Private Luggage Drop OffLenzerheide, Race Village
Mon, 14.0818:0021:00DinnerLenzerheide, Race Hotel
Mon, 14.0820:00Online Rider BriefingAvailable on the Epic Series App


There will be a free bus shuttle operating between your race hotel, registration location and race village.


You can drop off one private luggage item and one bike bag at the designated private luggage & bike bag drop off point in Lenzerheide at the Race Village on Mon, 14.08 between 16:00 and 19:15 and on Tue, 15.08 between 08:00 and 17:00.

Please note that you under no circumstances will have access to this luggage until Sat, 19.08 in Davos.


Don’t forget to attach the bag stickers to your private luggage & bike bag.

If you haven’t purchased your package already, please come and visit us at the Race Office. You can also purchase your package after the race on where you will receive all of the images taken of you over the 5 days.

Every day during the race, Sportograf captures once in a lifetime memories of every rider. You can purchase a discounted package before or during the race, where you will receive personalised photographs each day via email. At the end of the event all pictures taken of you (minimum 50) and race impressions will be sent your way automatically. Please make sure you clean your number board from time to time at the service station if it is dirty to make your number for the photographers visible.