Wed, 16 August 2023

Distance 81km
Climbing 2350m

Max Stage Time 10h10min
Intermediate Cut-Off 13:15 at km38.5 Service Station 1

Start Location

Finish Location
St. Moritz


START TIMES08:00:0008:02:3008:05:0008:07:3008:10:0008:12:3008:15:0008:17:3008:20:0008:22:3008:25:0008:27:3008:30:00


Please drop your rider bag at the designated Rider Bag drop off point in front or close to your hotel. We will transport it for you to the next hotel. Don’t forget to slot your bag board into your rider bag. No other luggage will be accepted at the rider bag drop off.

05:3008:00BreakfastLenzerheide, Race Hotel
06:3008:00Rider Bag Drop OffLenzerheide, Race Hotel
06:3008:00Shuttle (every 15min)Lenzerheide, Race Hotel
06:3008:30Bike ParkLenzerheide, Race Village
07:0008:30Tech ServiceLenzerheide, Race Village
07:0008:30Race OfficeLenzerheide, Race Village
08:0008:30Start Stage 2Lenzerheide, Race Village
09:00Transfer Shuttle (if pre-booked)Lenzerheide, Race Village
11:30Winners UCI Men expectedSt. Moritz, Race Village
11:3019:00Post Stage Recovery MealSt. Moritz, Race Village
11:3019:00Bike WashSt. Moritz, Race Village
11:3019:00Tech ServiceSt. Moritz, Race Village
11:3019:00Race OfficeSt. Moritz, Race Village
11:3019:00MedicalSt. Moritz, Race Village
11:3019:00CIOVITA Merchandise StoreSt. Moritz, Race Village
11:3019:00Bike ParkSt. Moritz, Race Village
11:45Finish Line Awards Ceremony (UCI Men)St. Moritz, Race Village
12:20Winners UCI Women expectedSt. Moritz, Race Village
12:45Finish Line Awards Ceremony (UCI Women and all other categories)St. Moritz, Race Village
13:0019:00Shuttel (every 30min)St. Moritz, Race Village
18:40Finish Line closesSt. Moritz, Race Village
19:15Laundry Drop Off (if pre-booked)St. Moritz, Race Hotel
18:0021:00DinnerSt. Moritz, Race Hotel
20:00Online Rider BriefingAvailable on the Epic Series App

Laundry (if pre-booked)

Please make sure to read the exact description of the procedure if you have booked the laundry service.

The pre-booked Laundry Service includes a laundry bag (40x60cm) and one wash and dry service for cycling kit. If you have purchased this service, please hand in your laundry bag at your hotel in St. Moritz after Stage 2 on Wed, 16.08 as soon as you back at the hotel but latest until 19:30. Collect your clean laundry at your hotel’s reception after Stage 3 on Thu, 17.08 from 19:00.

Service included: 1-2 Bike Kits (2 Jerseys, 2 Bibshorts, 2 Pair of Socks, 2 Arm or Leg Warmers, 1 Pair of gloves, 1 Buff, 1 Jacket). No other clothes will be accepted and washed.

Explore St. Moritz

There is plenty to explore in St. Moritz.