For the start of stage 1, teams will be seeded into the start batches according to their self-estimated times. From stage 2 onwards start batches are allocated according to position on the overall GC. Start times will be published on the Website as well as the Epic Series App and riders will receive a daily SMS. If you are not receiving the SMS, please notify the Race Office or check the official Epic Series App. Please note that daily start times differ! Start chutes can be entered between 15 and 5 minutes before the start of that start batch. The start chutes can only be entered as a team with your bikes. Teams cannot exit once they have entered the start chute

Pumps will be available at the start. Please note, there will be no comprehensive tech service in the morning but Masquebici will be available should you require assistance

The tap water in Switzerland is of great quality, you can refill your bottle at the hotel without hesitation. In addition, there will be a bottle fill station at the Race Village before daily starts.

There will be a strip stop at each start where you can drop off any clothing you would like to wear while in the start chute but not during the race. Clothing needs to be placed in your personalized sling bag in order to be accepted at the depot. Please place your sling bag tag on the bag before dropping it off. Remember to collect your sling bag once you are done with the day’s racing

It is important to make sure that you carry the tools and spare materials you may need throughout the race with you as well as enough water to sustain you. We advise that you carry a multifunction tool, tire levers, cable ties, CO2 bombs, or pump and spare tube and anything else you may require. The route passes through high alpine areas where the weather can change in an unpredictable manner. Please ensure that you have the necessary clothing to suit all kind of weather needs on you. A rain and wind protecting jacket should be carried at all times. The weather forecast for each stage will be part of the rider briefing available every evening.