All pre-booked Supporter Packages start on Mon, 14 Aug in Lenzerheide and finish on Sat, 19 Aug in Davos and any additional nights if pre-booked. The Supporter packages include the post stage recovery meal at race village, breakfast and dinner in the race hotel, as well as the supporter bag.
Only official supporters that have purchased the Supporter Package in advance will have access to race services.

Your accreditation and supporter bag will need to be picked up at registration during opening hours. Feel free to take a picture at registration to have a unforgettable first memory of the upcoming week.

Supporter Registration

Mon, 14 Aug
12:00 – 18:00
Lenzerheide, Kultursaal


Must be worn for the entire duration of the event.

Dear Supporters, we are happy that you have come along with riders to support them in their effort to Conquer th Alps at SPAR Swiss Epic. Don’t worry, this will be your adventure as well and you can find more information below.

  • Breakfast together with riders in race hotel (if pre-booked pre night)
  • Registration Day with the option to take pictures with your supported teams and get some official merchandise items.
  • Test route is in walking distance of your accommodation – a great chance to watch the teams anywhere on the route and give them your loud support
  • Use the Sportbus for free to get around in Lenzerheide
  • Explore beautiful Lenzerheide, some inspirations you can find here
  • Dinner together with riders in race hotel
  • Breakfast together with riders in race hotel
  • Enjoy a coffee at race village with your reusable coffee mug
  • Watch the start and support your team along the route
  • Watch the finish in the race village
  • Lunch together with riders in race village
  • Have a coffee or/and a beer at race village with your reusable coffee mug/beer glass
  • Dinner together with riders in race hotel

If you have pre-booked the transfer shuttle, the transfer shuttle leaves in the race village and will stop along the route at a service station to watch the race and brings you to the next destination to your race hotel or directly to the race village.

  • Wed, 16 Aug 09:00 Race Village Lenzerheide
  • Fri, 18 Aug 08:45 Race Village St. Moritz

Each supporter receives a supporter bag and we are happy to take care of the transport. You can drop off your supporter bag at the designated rider bag drop off as the riders do. You are also welcome to drop off your private luggage at the private luggage drop off the designated private luggage drop off point. The private luggage will be available in Davos on Saturday, 19.08. You will find all information about the luggage transport in the rider manual.

The supporter package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals are shared with the riders: breakfast and dinner in your allocated hotels and lunch in the race village. The race village offers you free coffee and beer. Please wear your supporter wristband to be able to enjoy these services.

Spectator Points

Supporters are welcome to cheer on the riders along the route. Spectator points are defined for each stage, where supporters can watch the race and enjoy the vast beauty of the Graubünden region. The spectator points can be reached either by foot, by cable car, or with public transport / car. The Race Office will always happy to give you any advices.

Special Medal – Best Fan

We will award the Best Fan at the finish line of the final stage in Davos. So make sure you cheer for your beloved ones as much and creative as possible to get a chance of winning the “Alpenschatz” medal.


No outside assistance is permitted. This means, your supporters or any third party are not allowed to hand you any equipment, clothing or nutrition during the race.