• Riders must ride within 2 minutes of their team partner. (Rule 8)
  • Maximum Stage Times are determined according to the length of each stage and the terrain to be covered.
  • Maximum stage times and cut-off points during the stage are strictly enforced. (Rule 15). The Race Director may designate intermediate cut-off points which must be reached by specific times on each stage. Teams will be removed from the course should they not reach a cut-off point by the specified time.
  • A rider that does not finish a stage in the maximum stage time is allowed to start the next stage but will not be an official finisher.
  • If a team member does not finish a stage within the maximum stage time, but the other team member does, the latter can still become an official finisher. (Rule 16)
  • Your supporters may not assist you out on the course. (Rule 23)
  • You must notify the Race Office if you withdraw from the race. (Rules 24)
  • Riders must respect the environment at all times, and no littering or damage to the environment will be tolerated. (Rule 25.2)
  • No category may draft the UCI women or influence the women’s racing (Rule 21.2.1 and Rule 25.4)
  • Both team members must ride in identical cycling jerseys. (Rule 6.4)

Riders at the SPAR Swiss Epic race need to be respectful of both their fellow riders as well as the environment.

  • Rules of the road need to be adhered to at all times.
  • In Switzerland cars drive on the right side of the road.
  • As there are no road and / or trail closures, please note that the road needs to be shared with motorists, pedestrians, and animals.
  • Reduce speed when riding through towns and keep an eye on pedestrians and animals that may cross your path.
  • Do not cut corners (oncoming traffic!).
  • Follow signage instructions as well as verbal instructions from marshals.
  • Give riders faster than you a chance to overtake.
  • Warn riders if you are overtaking.



Inform: Inform a marshal or the Race Office, so we know you are safe.

Tracking Unit: Please return your tracking and timing device to the Race Office. If the tracking/timing unit is not returned, riders will be charged CHF 150.- per device.

Transport: The Race Office can assist you with your personal and bike transport requirements. Do not leave your bike in the Bike Park without making prior arrangements at the Race Office. The SPAR Swiss Epic will take no responsibility for lost or damaged bikes. Please ensure that your bike sticker remains on your bike throughout the period if it remains in the Bike Park.

Private Luggage & bike bag: Your private luggage and your bikebag will only be available for collection in Davos on the final day.