Tuesday, 4 July 2023
10:00 – 18:00
Race Village
La Massana


If you are travelling to Andorra with your car you have multiple options of parking available close to the Race Village.

However, we highly suggest finding a parking option for the duration of your stay,
as all essential travel between stage starts and the Race Village will be arranged by the Andorra EPIC team!​

09:00:0013:00:00Tourism OfficeLa Massana, Pl. Fontetes
10:00:0018:00:00RegistrationLa Massana, Race Village
10:0018:00Race OfficeLa Massana, Race Village
12:00:0017:00:00Course PracticeLa Massana,Race Village
12:00:0020:30:00Shuttle Service (every 15min)La Massana, Anyos Park - Race Village
13:00:0018:00:00Bike Wash & Tech ServiceLa Massana, Race Village
17:00:0019:00:00Tourism OfficeLa Massana, Pl. Fontetes
10:00:0020:00:00Merchandise & ExpoLa Massana, Race Village
17:00:0020:30:00Bike ParkLa Massana, Race Village
18:30:0020:30:00Welcome Presentation & Briefing & DinnerLa Massana, Race Village


Every day during the race, Sportograf captures once in a lifetime memories of every rider. You can purchase a discounted package before or during the race, where you will receive personalised photographs each day via email. At the end of the event all pictures taken of you (minimum 50) and race impressions will be sent your way automatically.

If you haven’t purchased your package already, please come and visit us at the Race Office. You can also purchase your package after the race on sportograf.com where you will receive all of the images taken of you over the 5 days.