Each day (except for the course familiarization) there will be 2-3 service stations. Each service station will offer you bars, gels and isotonic drinks. Also you will be able to refill with water, Coca-Cola, fruits and snacks. At one of the daily service stations there will be mechanics operating with basic tools to help you with any bike repairs (the service is free, spare parts are not and will have to be paid for). The locations are indicated on your daily Ride Plan sticker.  
A first-aid service is available at all service stations. In addition, the medical team is strategically placed along the route and deployed for any emergencies. Also toilets will be available on all Service Stations.

You will pass several fountains along the way. You can fill up your water bottles at these fountains in addition to the Service Stations.  

Littering is strictly prohibited. You may throw away items only at the service stations within the designated signage. Violations may result in disqualification.