Monday, 15th of April 2024
12:00 – 17:00
Hotel Zvonimir
Baška – Island Krk

Parking in Baška
During the race, riders can park their vehicles on the free parking in Baška – Island Krk

11:00-17:00Prologue Course openBaška - Island Krkoo
12:00-17:00Registration (please adhere to your pre-selected registration time)Baška - Island Krk, Race Village, Hotel Zvonimiroo
12:00-18:00Bike Case / Box drop-off at Bike Park Baška - Island Krk, Race Villageoo
12:00-18:00Bike Wash / Bike Park / Tech Service / Race Office / CIOVITA & USWE Merchandise StoreBaška - Island Krk, Race Villageoo
from 14:00Check-In at the Official Race HotelBaška - Island Krk, Race Hoteloo
18:00-19:00Live Rider BriefingBaška - Island Krk, Race Hotel, Lavanda Halloo
19:00-19:30Welcome Drink, Official Race Hotel BarBaška - Island Krk, Race Villageoo
19:30-21:00DinnerBaška - Island Krk, Race Hoteloo


11:00 – 17:00

Get ready for a pre-ride at the seaside. You and your teammate can pre-ride the Prologue route to ensure your trail knowledge is at an all-time high and there are no surprises with the real countdown timer starts.

The Prologue course is open for practice on Monday, 15 April and it will give you a great glimpse of what to expect in the next 5 days of racing.

Please be aware that part of the Prologue passes through private land and pastures so please close all the gates you find on the way during course practice. For the official Prologue race day, these gates will be open and marshalled by the volunteers.

Please note, the course practice is at your own risk. There will be no medics on the course.

In case of an emergency please call: 112


Bike Park

To make sure your bike case/box gets transported to directly to island of Rab, please place the bike case/box tag onto it and drop it off to the Bike Park, during registration times. Please note that under no circumstances will you have any access to the bike case/box until after Stage 4 at island of Rab.


Every day during the race, Sportograf captures once in a lifetime memories of every rider. You can purchase a discounted package before or during the race, where you will receive personalised photographs each day via email. At the end of the event all pictures taken of you (minimum 50) and generic shots will be sent your way automatically.

If you haven’t purchased your package already, please come and visit us at the Race Office. You can also purchase your package after the race on where you will receive all of the images taken of you over the 5 days.