From Stage 1, all teams are seeded daily according to their position in the overall GC. Make sure to check which batch you are in and what your start time is, as these can differ from the previous day. These details are available on the Epic Series App and

The start chute opens 25 minutes prior to the start and closes 10 minutes before your start time. The start chutes can only be entered as a team with bikes. Teams cannot exit once they have entered the start chute. Make sure you check into your start chute on time.

Aramex Start Chute Bag:

Place any clothing that you want to wear in the start chute, but not ride with, in the Aramex Start Chute Bag that you received on registration day. Simply leave it in the container at the side of the chute before you set off, and it will be waiting for you in the Recovery Zone when you finish. In your registration envelope you received an Aramex Start Chute Bag sticker. Please label your Aramex Start Chute bag with this sticker as shown in the following image.

The use of the Aramex Start Chute and Strip Stop bag service is at the rider’s own risk.