It is important that every Absa Cape Epic rider fully understands the rules.

We encourage all riders to carefully read through these before starting their training, refer back to them during training and have a last read-through before rolling up to the start line.

Ignorance of the rules will not be considered as a mitigating factor.

Here is a reminder of the most important ones:

  • Both team members must ride in identical cycling jerseys. (Rule 6.4)
  • Riders must ride within 2 minutes of their team partner. (Rule 8)
  • No rider may distribute any GPS co-ordinates in respect of the Race route at any time. No uploads are allowed to be publicly shared on on-line platforms including Strava. (Rule 12.7)
  • Maximum stage times and cut-off points during the stage are strictly enforced. (Rule 15)
  • If you do not finish a stage, you may continue riding the next day, but will not be considered an official finisher. If you do not finish a second stage, you may not continue riding.
    (Rule 16)
  • If your partner did not finish a stage but you did, you still qualify as a finisher. (Rule 16)
  • Your supporters may not assist you out on the course. (Rule 23)
  • You must notify the Race Office if you withdraw from the race. (Rules 24)
  • Riders must respect the environment at all times, and no littering or damage to the environment will be tolerated. (Rule 25.2)
  • No category may draft the UCI women or influence the women’s racing (Rule 21.2.1 and Rule 25.4).


Should you drop out of the race, please visit the Race Office to make the arrangements to withdraw from the race.

The Race Office can assist you with your personal and bike transport requirements. Do not leave your bike in the Bike Park without making prior arrangements at the Race Office! The Absa Cape Epic will take no responsibility for lost or damaged bikes. Please ensure that your bike sticker remains on your bike throughout the period if it remains in the Bike Park.


Remember that if you checked in any bags to be transported to the Grand Finale, these will only be available for collection at Stellenbosch on the final day.