Laundry Service

The laundry service is managed by Galleria Laundry Services.

If you pre-purchased the laundry service, your personal laundry bag will be handed over at the rider bag bedouin at registration. Late bookings are accepted and can be purchased directly with the laundry team at registration or after the Prologue.

  • Laundry service includes 6x wash & dry.
  • Laundry must be checked-in using the official laundry bag provided.
  • Laundry can only be checked-in and out by a rider with an accreditation wristband OR by a cardholder with the corresponding rider number.
  • Collection: at the shower zone between 11:00 and 19:00 (From race village 1 to race village 3. This does not include the Grand Finale). 
  • Do not overfill the laundry bag: 1 set of kit per wash.
  • No shoes or helmets.


We take great care with all items but laundry will be serviced at your own risk. Laundry can only be checked-in or out by a rider with an accreditation wristband OR by a cardholder with the corresponding rider number. 

ALL laundry must be collected by 19:00, Saturday 23 March. 

Massage Package

The massage and strapping service is managed by EPT Recovery.

If you booked online, you will have received a schedule via email confirming the times of your 45min slots. A daily schedule will also be posted outside the massage tent with all online bookings as well as any open slots for that day. Please visit our massage team on the registration day to confirm your bookings.

Individual bookings of 45-minute sessions can be made at the massage tent at the cost of R950. EPT also offers strapping and physiotherapy.

Please note: If you are late for your booking, your session will be shortened, or forfeited. Please also remember to shower before you go for your massage session.

Personal Race Nutrition Service

The Personal Race Nutrition Service ensures that you get your own drinks chilled and available to you at the allocated water point and at the finish line each day.

When you have collected your registration pack, please visit the Personal Race Nutrition station situated outside of the registration venue. 

You will receive the following:

  • 4 x water bottles with yellow lids
  • 1 x water bottle with black lid
  • 5 x stickers with your rider number
  • 1 x drawstring bag


  • Check-in 3 of your 5 water bottles at the race nutrition truck situated outside the rider dining marquee every evening between 17:30 and 19:00. 
  • 2 bottles with yellow lids filled with your race energy drink for on route
  • 1 bottle with black lid filled with your post-race recovery drink
  • You will start the race with your remaining 2 bottles (with yellow lids) that you can then leave empty at the allocated water point; these empty bottles can be collected at the race nutrition truck in the evening.

All 5 bottles are 800ml water bottles. There will be limited stock of 600ml water bottles available which will be handed out on a first come first served basis at registration. 

The water bottles will be delivered, chilled, to the allocated water point, marked on your daily route profile sticker, and to the finish line water point. 


Please check that an orange sticker in the shape of a bottle has been placed on your number board; it is important that this sticker remains on your number board throughout the race as it ensures your bottles will be waiting for you, nice and cold as you arrive at the allocated water point. 

Coach Transfer

The coach transfer package includes the following: 

  • Transport from Lourensford Wine Estate to Saronsberg Race Village on Sunday, 17 March 
  • Transport for you, your rider bag and your bike. 

Please note that if you have purchased a pre-accommodation package through our optional extras store then the coach transfer is already included
The coaches will be parked next to the shower zone near the bike park, you can follow the arrow on the signage tower to guide you.

Please see the coach departure schedule below:

  • Departure 1 – 12:00
  • Departure 2 – 12:30
  • Departure 3 – 13:00

Arrive at the coach transfer meeting point 5 – 10 min before departure to allow time to load your rider bag into the bus.
Please note that the drive to Saronsberg will take around 2 hours. 
Bikes will be washed at the Prologue venue. You will be notified via cell phone message when your bike arrives at the Saronsberg Race Village.  


A bright orange ‘bike transfer’ sticker will be stuck on the back of your number board to identify your bike for transfer to Saronsberg. Your bike will be loaded directly onto the truck after the Prologue. Should you require to first perform any maintenance on the bike before the bike is transported, please inform the bike park assistant, and ensure your bike is back in the bike park by 12:00. 
If you don’t want your bike to be transported by us, please remove the “bike transfer” sticker. 

Tent Upgrade

Riders who have purchased this optional extra will enjoy the extra comfort and still soak up the Race Village vibe. In each race village you will have your own designated area. Please follow the directions on the sign tower to locate the Tent Upgrade zone.

The Single Tent Upgrade includes the following:

  • 1 x single canvas tent in the Race Village for 7 nights (Prologue – Stage 6)
  • 1 x stretcher bed, mattress, and bedding (Fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, fleece blanket & pillow)
  • 1 x power/plug point (special adaptors not included)
  • Bedside table & LED light
  • 1 x camping chair
  • Dedicated ablution facilities

For any queries related to the Tent Upgrade zone during the event, please speak to your dedicated Tent Upgrade managers who you will meet in Saronsberg when you first check-in.