Temperatures can soar to the extremes and, unless you are a racing snake, we strongly suggest utilising a hydration pack with a carrying capacity of 3-litres.

Most days feature four water points on the route, three of which are full-service water points while one is a strategically placed hydro point. The location of these is clearly marked on your route profile stickers.

These are stocked with water and USN products.

The full-service water points offer Energade, water, Coke, USN products, and a wide variety of foods such as potatoes, muffins, sandwiches, fruit and savoury snacks. In addition, you will find the following services:

  • Medics
    Should you require medical assistance, please report to the medical team easily recognised by the blue & white Mediclinic tent.
  • Squirt Lube Service
    The Squirt team will lube your chain for you – even a Formula One driver doesn’t abandon their car in the pit stop. For maximum efficiency, please stay with your bike and back-pedal.
  • Tech Zones
    The Neutral Tech Zones are manned by experienced mechanics who will be able to assist with repairs. A selection of parts will be available as well as spare tyres, we recommend that you ride with a credit card as these parts will need to be paid for. We suggest you carry any parts that are specific to your bike like a derailleur hanger and brake pads.

Water Point 1 Aramex STRIP STOP

The first water point each day features a “strip stop” where you can place any unwanted cycling kit into a team bag (provided to you at the water point), label it, and collect it at the race village.

The Aramex Strip Stop bag together with the Aramex Start Chute Bag can be collected from the Recovery Zone once you’ve finished the stage.

While we promise to take good care of your kit, the service is used at the rider’s own risk.

Water Point 2

Hydration pack refilling station by USWE will be at Water point 2 each day.


Always be aware and give way to farm traffic, as local farms are still fully operational.
Be respectful towards your fellow competitors.
Give way to faster riders.
Follow marshals’ instructions.