Each team receives one EMERGENCY BUTTON unit, which, using GSM technology, allows us to locate you in case of an emergency on route.

To activate unit please follow these instructions:

STEP 1: 
Your device will be handed to you at rider registration, switch the device on by holding the “phone” button (1). The GREEN and BLUE LED’s will flash rapidly, your unit is on.

STEP 2: 
A double GREEN short flash every 3 seconds indicates the unit is connected and working correctly.

Charging (2)
Please hand in your device for charging daily at the My SOS desk, located inside the Recovery Zone.  You can collect the device at the same location prior to the start of each stage.

If you, your partner or another rider needs medical assistance press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds until you hear an audible “beep” and the unit vibrates (use the injured riders emergency button).

+27 21 426 7716

After hours race hospital: +27 82 468 6733


Once you have switched your unit on DO NOT turn it off. If you notice short rapid BLUE flashes on your device, the battery is low. Please have it charged.

It is compulsory to ride with the unit as it is for your team’s safety. Insert the device in the back pocket of your cycling jersey or in your hydration pack.

In the case of an emergency the Venue Operations Centre is able to communicate with you via the emergency button. A call will come in via the emergency button and auto answer. You are able to respond by talking into the emergency button. Please make sure to carry a cell phone with a South African SIM card.

Please note the recommended on-route protocol:

  • Stay where you are and don’t leave your injured partner.
  • If you have cell phone reception, call the emergency number on your wristband accreditation.
  • If you see a marshal or race official – make contact, as that person will most likely have a radio with them.
  • The emergency button will send your SOS signal to the Venue Operations Centre until assistance arrives and disables the SOS.
  • Remember there is only one emergency button per team. We do not recommend that the uninjured rider continues on their own before assistance has arrived.
  • If you come across another team with an injured rider, do NOT activate your emergency button, but only the unit of the injured rider.