*Stage 7 breakfast times will be open between 05:00-08:30

When the event moves to a new race village:

** The shower facilities close at 21:00 and only re-open in the next race village.

*** Race Office will be closed between 08:30-11:00

**** The CIOVITA Absa Cape Epic Merchandise Store closes at 17:00 and reopens at 10:00 in the next race village 

***** The Absa Cape Epic Rider Lounge closes at 18:00 and re-opens in the next race village.

Race Office

The Race Office is your point of contact during the event. We are here to help! 

If you have any questions regarding results, withdrawals, lost items or general information, this is the place to go, alternately you can contact the Race Office on +27 79 519 8444.


Username: Riders
Password: Tough

Absa Cape Epic Rider Lounge

The Absa Cape Epic Rider Lounge is the main hub for all riders. Here you will find a welcoming environment where you can relax, replenish and recover in comfort. Services include the NTT Data computer pods, USN recovery products, Thirsti products and DSTV.  

The Absa Cape Epic Rider Lounge is exclusively for riders, if you wish to hang out with your supporters, the Savanah Chill Zone is the perfect spot. 

Tents & Mattresses

At each new race village, please select a tent by attaching your tent tag to it. We suggest bringing a lock to close and lock your tent when you are not using it.

The mattress in your tent is covered in plastic for hygiene reasons and to prevent it from getting dirty and wet. Please do not remove this plastic cover under any circumstances. Each tent has been issued with one mattress, please do not remove a mattress from another tent.

USWE Rider bag

On move days, your rider bag must be checked-in to the rider bag bedouin tent stationed next to the rider tent village before your race start. Riders have to collect their own bag by showing their wristband accreditation.


After each stage your results as well as your start time and start batch for the next day can be accessed online at cape-epic.com or via the Epic Series app.

Daily Rider Briefing

Each evening at 18:30 there will a presentation and daily rider briefing in the rider dining marquee. A route briefing will be recorded and made available on the Epic Series App. Please take note of any route updates or applicable changes, such as maximum stage times or water point cut-off times.